The Bautex Block

Revolutionary Composite Block.

The Bautex Block is a lightweight composite block that gives architects, builders and contractors a higher performing, stronger, and simpler-to-install wall system that meets the latest codes.

Developed using an innovative patent-pending, process for manufacturing high-performance insulated concrete blocks, Bautex Block enables installers to quickly and easily construct durable, fire-rated, noise-reducing, and storm-resistant buildings from a single integrated wall assembly - simplifying and reducing time of construction.

Bautex Block is designed for the construction of exterior walls of one to three story commercial, institutional and residential buildings where the owners and occupants are looking for the following benefits:

  • Faster Construction

  • Greater Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

  • Quieter and Healthier Buildings

  • No Exterior Air and Moisture Problems

  • Fire and Storm Protection